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明るく楽しいお人柄と温かい空気感に自然と周りに人が集まってくるような新郎様。心優しいお人柄が一目見ただけで分かるような、柔らかい雰囲気をお持ちの新婦様。 「この場所がずっと気になっていて。」 ある時いただいた一本のお電話でお二人から告げられた言葉です。 2泊3日の結婚の日という過ごし方に共感してくださり、本来予定していたお式を取りやめてまでも、このMAYAに足を運んでくださったお二人。 そんなお二人の気持ちに応えたい。私たちはそう想いながらお二人をお迎えしました。 同じ大学で出逢い、8年という月日をご一緒に重ねてこられたお二人はどこか似た雰囲気をお持ちで、お二人のほっこりする会話の掛け合いにMAYAスタッフも毎回微笑ましく感じながらお手伝いをしておりました。


夕食には、ハレの日前日ということで華やかな”手巻き寿司”をMAYAからご用意いたしました。 副菜には、”茶碗蒸し”や”蛤のお吸い物”を親御様やお二人がご一緒にお作りになります。 ご実家を出られ、今では離れて暮らすご家族との久しぶりの団欒の時間。この日のお二人は子供の頃に戻った様な素敵な笑顔をされておりました。


司会者のいないMAYAの披露宴では、新郎新婦のお二人がたいせつなゲストの皆様をご紹介し、お互いのご友人へインタビューをしていきます。はじめてお会いする方々同士とは思えないほど、和気藹々とした空気感で盛り上がるゲストの皆様。 ご友人と笑い合うお二人を嬉しそうに見守る親御様の表情は、とてもあたたかいものでした。 静けさのなか迎えた3日目。 「つい余韻に浸ってしまい、結局お家の中で過ごしました。」 この日は少し外へお出掛けになると仰っていたお二人でしたが、友人から送られてきたたくさんの写真やお祝いのメッセージを見ながら、ソファに腰掛けお二人きりで過ごす時間がとにかく幸せだったと話してくれたお二人。 時間を忘れて思わず寛いでしまう。 この家がお二人にとってそんな空間になっていたのだと知り、とても嬉しい気持ちになりました。

A Wedding Day to be Celebrated in the Midst of Everyday Life

The groom has a cheerful personality and a warm presence that naturally attracts those around him. The bride has a soft presence that shows her kind-hearted personality at a glance. “We’ve always been curious about this place.” This is what we were told by the bride and groom when they called us one day. The couple liked the idea of spending two nights and three days for their wedding day, and even canceled their originally planned ceremony to come to MAYA. We wanted to respond to the couple’s feelings, and welcomed them with this in mind. Having met at the same university and having spent eight years together, the bride and groom gave off a pretty similar atmosphere. While they were helping them, the MAYA staff always found themselves smiling at their heartwarming conversations. The first day was spent with their parents, siblings and grandmother. For dinner, since it was the evening before the big day, MAYA prepared some gorgeous “hand-rolled sushi.” For the side dishes, the parents and children made “chawanmushi” savory egg custard and clam soup together. It was the first time in a long time for the whole family to get together, with family members having moved away and now living apart. On this day, the bride and groom had wonderful smiles on their faces, as if they had returned to their childhood. The wedding reception began with a large gathering of family and friends. At MAYA’s receptions, where there is no host, the bride and groom introduce their important guests and interviewed each other’s friends. The atmosphere created by the guests was so friendly that it was hard to believe that many of them were meeting each other for the first time. The parents had a very warm, joyful expression on their faces as they watched the couple laugh with their friends. The third day arrived in silence. “We were so caught up in the afterglow that we ended up staying in the house.” The couple had said that they would go out a little that day, but they were just happy to spend time by themselves, together on the sofa, looking at the many photos and congratulatory messages sent by their friends. They couldn’t help but relax and forget the time. We felt very happy knowing that this house had become that kind of space for both of them.


2023年 夏


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