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そんなお二人がMAYAで迎えたハレの日。 「自分たちが本当にたいせつに想う人たち全員に感謝を伝えたい。」 そんな想いからお二人は2部制のご披露宴を選ばれました。 1部目では誰よりも近い存在である親御様やご兄弟、幼少期から見守ってくれている親戚の皆様をお招きし、ご親族様だけでのご披露宴を行いました。 新郎様の挨拶に続いて、新婦お父様の乾杯のご発声ではじまったご披露宴。 ご両家初めてお顔を合わせる方々もいらっしゃるとのことで、乾杯後のお時間には”ご親族紹介”を行いました。新郎新婦のお二人からお名前やご関係性、そしてお二人から見たその方のお人柄などをお話頂き、最後には新しいご家族としてご両家の集合写真をお撮りしました。 先ほどまで緊張された様子の方も自然と表情が和らいでいたことがとても印象に残っています。

2部のご披露宴にはご友人や職場の方々をお招きし、賑やかな時間が流れておりました。幼い頃から古いお付き合いがあるご友人から、学生時代を一緒に過ごされたご友人、今も共に働く仕事仲間の方など、お二人がこれまでに関わってきたたいせつな人達が集い、一緒の食卓を囲みます。 ケーキセレモニーでは真っ白なショートケーキではなく、新郎様が学生時代にイタリアへ留学に行かれてから大好きになったと言う”ティラミス”をご用意致しました。 お二人が共同作業として行う”ケーキ入力”や、お二人のハレの日のため、海外から来てくれたご友人への”サンクスバイト”を行い、全員で盛り上がった後には、早速ゲストの皆様へお裾分けを。 お一人様ずつではなく、ゲストの方が自由にお好きな分だけお取りいただけるよう、ブッフェの形式でご提供されたティラミスを目の前に、ついつい取りすぎてしまうゲストもいたりと、お二人ならではのおもてなしを楽しまれていたご様子でした。


A Day Created with Precious People in Mind.

The bridegroom is always kindly attentive to those around him. The bride has a strong character and a very wonderful smile. We remember that we were thoroughly soothed by the couple’s very calm personalities when we first met them at MAYA.

The couple welcomed their big day at MAYA.

“We want to thank everyone we truly regard as precious.” Based on that wish, the couple chose a two-part reception. For the first part, they invited their parents and siblings, whom they were closer with than anyone else, and relatives, who had watched over them ever since they were children, and held a reception with just these relations. The reception began with a toast led by the bride’s father, which followed the bridegroom’s greetings. We heard that some people from both families would meet for the first time, so the couple introduced their relatives after the toast. They mentioned their relatives’ names and talked about how they were related to the couple and how they understood their personalities. Finally, we took a group photo of both families as one new family. What made a truly lasting impression on us was that even those persons who had been tense until a short while ago had calmed down naturally.

For the second part of the reception,

the couple had invited their friends and people from work, and a lively time went by. Precious people, connected with the couple up to the present, gathered and ate together. These people included old friends the couple had associated with since childhood, friends with whom the couple spent time together during their school days, and colleagues with whom they worked together even now. For the cake-cutting ceremony, we prepared a tiramisu instead of a pure white shortcake. The bridegroom had told us he had grown to love tiramisu after going abroad to study in Italy during his school days. The couple performed the cake-cutting as a team. They also shared slices of the cake with friends who came from abroad for the sake of the couple’s big day. After the excitement with all of them, the couple promptly shared slices of the cake with all their guests. Instead of one slice per person, the tiramisu was offered buffet-style so that a guest could freely take as much as the guest wanted. With the cake before their eyes, some guests unintentionally took too much. But everyone enjoyed the hospitality that was unique to the couple.

This big day was overwhelmed by the kind personalities of the couple. Watching the events of this day, we felt happy, and so the time went by.


2023年 秋

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