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いわゆる“結婚式”なプログラムをするのではなく、お二人をお祝いするためにお集まりいただいた皆様との時間。その時間をただただ 大切にされたお二人。




A day full of smiles

The smiling groom, wrapped in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The bride, always making us feel happy with her bubbly smile. The weather was pleasant, with the mildness of spring remaining, as if symbolizing this couple. A photo of both of them on Zaimokuza Beach, about a three-minutes’ walk from MAYA, brings back vivid memories of that day. The couple, who wasn’t very attached or attracted to the physical trappings of so-called “conventional” wedding ceremonies, chose MAYA to have their “wedding day”. They chose to have a two-part wedding reception so that they could spend more time with their many guests. Just before noon, guests gathered at MAYA to celebrate the couple, and their day of celebration began. The first part of the reception party included the members of both families. During the reception, each family member was introduced through a microphone, and everyone talked about their memories of the couple. It was a very friendly and warm time, with everyone reflecting on their lives so far, and occasional loud laughter which could be heard. Having assisted them, we were also naturally filled with smiles. Before the second part of the reception, the couple, who was about to become a family, had their ceremony in the garden once again watched over by all the people gathered there. Then, the second part of the reception began. This was a party where both would spend time with their friends and colleagues. On their wedding day, a DJ in a stylish aloha shirt was present to play some great music. The DJ’s music selection, combined with the atmosphere of the party, made everyone naturally excited, and the party was lively and full of smiles from start to finish. Rather than a “wedding ceremony” program, it was a time for everyone who had gathered there to celebrate the couple, both of whom simply cherished the time they had available. Being this couple’s wedding day, there were many smiles and everyone there, including our staff, was able to spend a happy moment. With the day of celebrations over, it was the morning of the third day. We worked with the couple in MAYA’s garden to make plum syrup from the plums that grow in the garden. Later, we were told that the couple enjoyed the syrup as plum juice. Our smiles overflowed when we imagined that the plum syrup was there, in their home, as a memory of their wedding day.


2022年 春




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