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イタリア出身の新郎と三浦半島出身の新婦、お二人がつくりだす二泊三日の結婚の日。 イタリア出身の新郎は、新婦のご両親への結婚の挨拶の際、 慣れない日本語で一生懸命気持ちを伝えたと伺いました。 その努力はしっかりと新婦のご両親に届き、新郎が家族になることを祝福されたそうです。 お二人がこの佳き日に至るまでそれぞれの国と家族に溶け込むために、幾重にも努力を重ねてきたことは、 ご家族やご友人の表情からも感じとれるものがありました。 異なる文化と伝統を抱えたおふたりの特別な日は、 新郎の母国イタリアで最初に挙式を挙げ、 新婦の母国日本で結婚の日を迎えました。


和装をお召しになり、 二度目の挙式は日本の海を臨む神社で執り行われ、神聖な場所でお二人の愛が祝福されました。 神社の鳥居をくぐる瞬間には、異なる国の文化が交わり、感動的な瞬間となったと思います。 MAYAでは、皆様でお食事を召し上がる披露宴が開かれました。 披露宴が始まると、家族紹介の挨拶を行い、 新郎新婦とゲストの皆さんは日本語、英語、イタリア語など、様々な言葉を交えて家族を紹介し合いました。 言葉の枠を超え、お互いの家族が心を通わせ、新しい絆を築いていく様子が、会場全体に幸せな雰囲気を広げていました。 異なる言葉であっても愛と尊重が伝わり、新しい家族の絆が芽生えた瞬間は、 お手伝いしている私たちも感じた強い感動は、 今もしっかりと心に刻まれています。 披露宴中は、イタリアで挙げられた挙式の映像も流れ、あたたかい雰囲気に包み込まれました。 イタリアからやってきた新郎のご家族も、日本の文化や伝統に触れ、お二人の喜びを共有しました。 料理や儀式、さまざまな要素が融合し、おふたりの愛がより一層輝く日となりました。 披露宴後もお開きのない夜として、ご友人を招かれ楽しい夜を過ごせれていました。 この特別な日を通じて、お二人の未来が豊かで幸福なものとなることを願っています。

A Day to Transcend Nationalities and Become a Family

A bridegroom from Italy and a bride from the Miura Peninsula create a two-night three-day wedding day. We heard that when the bridegroom from Italy paid his respects to the bride’s parents regarding the marriage, he communicated his feelings with all his might in the unfamiliar Japanese language. We heard the effort fully made an impression on the bride’s parents, and they felt blessed that the bridegroom would become a part of their family. We could tell from the expressions of the couple’s family members and friends that the couple exerted themselves over and over until this lucky day to fit into each other’s country and family. For the special days of the couple, who embraced different cultures and traditions, their wedding ceremony was first held in Italy, the homeland of the bridegroom, and their wedding day was held in Japan, the homeland of the bride. They had their big day in Japan. The couple wore Japanese clothing and held their second wedding ceremony at a Shinto shrine that overlooked the sea off the coast of Japan. And their love was blessed on sacred grounds. We believe that the moment they went under the archway of the shrine was a stirring one, through which the cultures of different countries intersected. A reception, where the couple enjoyed a meal with everyone, was held at MAYA. When the reception began, families were introduced. The bride and bridegroom and all their guests introduced the families to each other, conversing variously in Japanese, English, and Italian. The sight of each family establishing emotional bonds with the other, transcending the limitations of words, and building new bonds caused a happy atmosphere to fill the entire venue. Even now, we, who were helping out, fully remember the strong emotions we felt at the moment when love and respect were conveyed even though the words were different, and the bonds of a new family began to form. During the reception, footage of the wedding ceremony held in Italy was shown, and everyone was enveloped in a warm atmosphere. The bridegroom’s family, who arrived from Italy, came into contact with Japanese culture and traditions and shared the couple’s joy. The food, the ceremony, and various elements combined, and it became a day when the couple’s love shone even more. At night the party did not end even after the reception was over. The couple invited their friends and spent a delightful night with them. We hope that through this special day, the couple’s future will be rich and happy.


2022年 冬

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